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Telecommunications Infrastructure

Infrastructure used for mobile and wireless telecommunications in the UK and further afield. This is a new homepage, replacing my old one.

Mobile Phone Masts in the United Kingdom

Mobile phone masts, also commonly known as cell towers, are critical to provide the services we use everyday on mobile phones, such as the ability to call, text and use mobile data while on the move. The pages below contain images, schematics and detailed information explaining the masts used by the UK's Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) Vodafone, O2, EE and 3 to broadcast 2G, 3G and 4G.

Image of monopole mast Monopole Masts

Monopole Masts are compact masts used by the MNOs to provide signal to an area in a visually unobtrusive manner, leading to their ubiquitous use in urban and sensitive locations. They can usually be configured to carry all the frequencies that a traditional tower can, permitting 2G, 3G and 4G operation.

Vodafone and O2 Phone Mast Monoples Page

EE and 3 Monopole masts

Image of Vodafone/O2 legacy masts Vodafone and O2 Legacy Masts

Masts used by Vodafone and O2 for 2G and/or 3G technologies. Now being replaced by new panels for 4G, and improved 2G and 3G services.

Vodafone and O2 Legacy Masts

Legacy Vodafone Temporary mast

Vodafone and O2 4G mast Setups by Beacon Area and Ports/feeder number

Vodafone and O2 4G masts described and explained by the CTIL-Beacon area they reside in, ordered within each area by ports/feeder number.

Vodafone and O2 4G masts by Beacon area, port and feeder number

Vodafone and O2 new mast setups Vodafone and O2 new 4G mast Setups 

Masts (not Monopoles) that carry upgraded Vodafone and O2 signal. This page largely just exists to show examples in a different order to the main page above.

Vodafone and O2 4G masts by Ports/Feeder number


Vodafone 2600MHz 4G Mast and Vodafone 2600TDD Mast


Vodafone 1800MHz 4G and 2100MHz 4G Vodafone 1800MHz 4G and 2100MHz 4G

This page details Vodafone's refarm of 1800MHz spectrum from 2G to 4G and 2100MHz from 3G to 4G which provides additional capacity to them.

Vodafone 1800MHz 4G and 2100MHz 4G masts


O2 Capacity Approaches O2 Capacity Approaches: Masts, MIMO, Modulation, Microcells, Refarming

Masts O2 use to boost capacity in urban areas, including six sector and more, as well as a microcell.

High Capacity O2 masts (Six Sector, Microcells, MIMO, 4G 2100MHz)

EE and 3 4G masts

Masts used by EE and 3 for 4G services

New MBNL EE/3 4G masts

EE 2600MHz Masts (addon page)

Legacy EE/3 Masts

Page showing some legacy masts used by EE and 3. More content to be added soon.

Old EE/3 Masts

Other EE/3 Masts

Specialised location masts.

Temporary Mast and Glastonbury masts

Mobile Infrastructure Project (MIP) Mast

A mast installed as part of a government project to improved signal. Has all MNOs and is setup for 4G.

MIP Mast

Specialised Masts for railways (GSM-R) and Tetra (Airwave)

Rail Road masts GSM-R 900  Tetra (Emergency services masts)



(E/U)ARFCN List for the United Kingdom 

RRU Power Calculator 

Masts in Hull/East Yorkshire


Hull City Masts East Yorkshire Phone masts

Isle of Man: Mobile Infrastructure

Mobile masts seen on the Isle of Man.

Manx Telecom VS Sure Network Performance on the Isle of Man

Comparing the performance of the Island's two network operators.

Isle of Man Mobile Networks Review

Manx Telecom Radio Frequency Setup

The radio setup Manx Telecom uses on the Island.

Manx Telecom - Isle of Man Mobile

Mobile Masts on the Isle of Man

Isle of Man Mobile Masts Manx Telecom 3G/4G Microcell

Austria Mobile Networks

Austria Mobile Network 4G carriers

UHF TV carrying Masts in the United Kingdom

These masts were originally built in order to carry analogue terrestrial TV transmissions. Now they carry UHF Freeview (DTV) and many also have mobile masts.

Guildford (Extra detailed Cellular info)     

Corfe Castle (Extra detailed Cellular info)  

Winterbourne Stickland (Enhanced Cellular info)

Midhurst (Extra detailed Cellular info)

Stockland Hill (DAB panels up close + extra cellular)

Brighton (FM/DAB panel close up)  


Belmont Transmitter


Cerne Abbas 










Emley Moor

Bridport (soon) High Hunsley Mast - 3 Supervoice

Tavistock Ivybridge Plympton

Fixed Line Infrastructure

BT and KCOM ADSL and Fibre Infrastructure

KCOM (Kingston Communications) Fibre Infrastructure

Some images of KCOM's FTTP installations

Kingston Communications KC Fibre Infrastructure

KC Fibre upgrades

BT Fibre Infrastructure

A sample of BT's FTTC and FTTP infrastructure.

BT Next Generation Access

Burgh on Bain Exchange and Cabinet

 Isle of Man: TV Transmitters.

TV transmitters on the Isle of Man.


The Union Mill Mast

With Cellular.

Union Mill  

The Port St Mary Mast

Located at Port St Mary. With Cellular.

Port St Mary  

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