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East Yorkshire Phone masts

Phone masts serving Vodafone, O2, EE and 3 around East Yorkshire, except Hull city centre, which are covered here.

The map showing the mast locations.

Mast A: Centre of Beverley. Carries EE 2G/3G/4G and 3 3G/4G in a normal double input panel configuration.60mbps on EE.

Mast B: North East of Beverley. Carries Vodafone and O2 900MHz 2G/3G, 800MHz 4G (RRU) and 2100MHz 3G. Triple input panels as expected. 70mbps on Vodafone 4G.

Mast C: North East of Beverley. Carries Vodafone and O2 900MHz 2G/3G, 800MHz 4G (RRU) and 2100MHz 3G. Double and Triple input panels as expected (Operator A has 900 and 2100 on Panel A). Operator B 900 and 2100 and shared 800 on panel B. 50mbps on Vodafone 4G.

Mast D: Centre of Bridlington. O2 legacy 900 and 2100 panels ontop and modern EE ones below. EE 2G/3G/4G and 3 3G/4G. 70mbps on EE 4G.

Mast E: Bridlington sea front. Looked to be EE/3 4G and the usual 2G and 3G. Normal double input panel configuration.65mbps on EE 4G

Bridlington F: Vodafone 900MHz 2G and possibly 3G. Also two sets of EE panels, but I believe EE is using the EE/3 dual single input panels for their 2G/3G/4G and the other panels have just been 'left'. 50mbps on EE 4G.

Mast G: Hornsea. EE have panels on the top tier and bottom tier but I believe the lower tier dual input panels are what is in use. 65mbps 4G

Vodafone, on the middle tier, are using typical dual input panels with RRU for 800/900. 70mbps 4G.

The Hunmansby transmitter. Mast H. O2 and Vodafone both have fairly typical Legacy 900MHz panels.EE has Dual, or possibly, triple panel antennas to provide Double Speed 4G at 70mbps. The usual 2G/3G were also present.

Mast I, near Bempton on the A165. Vodafone and O2 2G/3G/4G by 900/900/800 with RRU on the top tier and dual input panels as expected. 30mbps 4G

Lower tier has single input panels for EE/3 2G/3G.

Mast J: Filey. On the left is Legacy EE panels. Middle is the Vodafone and O2 setup comprising of a double input hi band panel and a triple input lo, lo, hi. Most likely 800/900 in the triple input panel and 2100 in the double. 60mbps 4G. Right is typical double input panels for EE/3. EE 4G was 60mbps.

Mast K: Beverley Road near Watton. Looks to be a triple input panel for MBNL. Was broadcasting EE 2G/3G/4G and 3 3G.

EE's 4G average a staggering speed of 95mbps!