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Phone mast Explorations around Hull City

All masts will be marked according to this map.

Mast A: Prospect Street. A mast cabled for broadcasting all frequencies: 800MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz and 2600MHz. A very capable 2600MHz mast it is too, frequently hitting 160mbps download in a busy city.

Mast B: legacy HSDPA Vodafone 900/2100MHz near the EE Mast A on Pryme Street/Prospect Street, Hull. Fairly standard legacy panels. Was replaced in Late march with new panels (right image) to do 4G and modern 3G.

Mast C: Left was its O2 900, 1800 and 2100MHz legacy panels.. Now has a dual Band and a tri band Kathrein to make a five band panel 4G setup. KCOM House, Osborne Street, Hull.  

Mast D: Also on Osborne Street Hull. Looks to be a fairly standard dual band panel setup. Also a Huawei BTS3900A for 1800MHz. This mast no longer exists as the building was demolished.

Mast E: A pair of triple band antennas for 3 800MHz, 3 1800MHz, MBNL 3G, EE 2G/4G 1800MHz, EE 2600MHz.

Mast F: Alfred Gelder Street/Manor Street. The CTIL (Vodafone and O2) 2G/3G/4G mast that covers most of Hull. Has CA (L08 + L18) for O2, L08 for VF and the usual UG09, U21 for VF and O2. See new O2 4G masts page (four band example). 


Mast G: Neaxt to A1079, Stepney lane. A new Monopole carrying both EE and 3 1800MHz 4G using double input panels in a large shroud. Has the usual BTS3900 for EE 1800MHz 2G and 4G and also a separate cabinet, an Alifabs Pagona, for 3 1800MHz. Typical Monopole cabinets.

Mast H: Quad Band panel near Hull Royal Infirmary (HRI), carrying EE 2600MHz 4G, 3 and EE 1800MHz 4G and the usual 2G/3G. 2600MHz mast page.

Mast I: A triple band panel mast on Londesborough street, Hull. Triple input panels for 800/1800/2100 as standard for new MBNL style masts with 800MHz

Mast J: Kingston House/Bond Street. One of the highest buildings in Hull so has quite a lot of equipment. At the very top, on a roof mounted tower, is a six sector dual input Orange mast. Below that, on the walls, are the remainder of the cellular equipment. EE/3 have a pair of panels: a single band/input, likely for 1800MHz 2G/4G; a triple input/band Huawei high band with two wired, likely for 2100MHz 3G and 2600MHz 4G. There is also a Vodafone panel for 900 and 1800MHz 2G.

Mast K: George Street, near Hull City College. Single input panels. Carrying EE 2G/3G and 3 3G. Possibly EE 4G. 

Mast L: Albert Dock. Carries EE 1800 2G/4G, EE 2100 3G, EE 2600 4G. Also 3 3G and 3 4G. There is a single band/input, for 1800MHz (red cable tags) and a triple input/band Huawei high band with two wired (red blue cable tags for EE/3 1800/2100) and yellow (EE2600).

Mast M: Also Albert Dock. Beaconised site with UG09, U21, L08.

Mast N: Maizecore, Wilcolmlee. Triple band panels for 2G/3G 900, 3G 2100, 4G 800.


January Mast Expeditions

All masts located near Clough road, Hull.



A triple band panel setup, carrying EE and 3 1800MHz 4G as well as the usual 2G and 3G. More about this setup can be find out at Modern EE/3 MBNL Masts. Very nice EE speeds were obtained, in the 60mbps down 40 up region. 3 is broadcasting 800MHz. 

A closeup of the panel inputs. Lo bands (red rings) and two high widebands (yellow rings).

Two rather large microwave dishes ontop. One is pointing South at Hull Royal Informary, which shares a similar Microwave dish, and the other East.


EE, maybe 3

A four sector 2G, three sector 3G and 4G mast.

Double band panels for 1800 and 2100MHz


HUM0101 (EE)/

54694 (VF)

The mast

The Vodafone panels on the mast. Triple band but only wired for two at the time: 900 and 2100MHz for 2G and 3G. 

EE's panels are ontop. Rather old school but, no doubt, still capable of carrying 1800 and 2100MHz. Carrying all RATs 

HU0048 (3), now removed

37377 (O2), now CTIL O2/VF

Airwave on the top. Below is the same as Mast F. 


96810 (EE)/

HU0118 (3)

Two single band panels. A fairly standard setup. More can be find out at Modern EE/3 MBNL Masts. The first mast to gain EE 4G in this part of Hull. Typically good speeds at around 40mbps down and up.