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EE/3/MBNL Monopoles

Monopole masts for EE and 3

Single Band


Shrouded Monopoles which house single Input/Band panels which can support EE 2G/3G/4G and 3 3G. However, they can not support 3's 1800MHz 4G aswell, hence these are getting replaced with larger shrouded monopoles which can house dual input/band panels. To see the reason for this, check out the Schematics on the EE/3 Mast page.

Hutchinson Ultra Slimline Monopole, Alifabs Styrosun and a Hutchinson Engineering Replica Telegraph Pole.

Dual Band

Larger shrouds for dual band panels, all Alifabs Styrosun. 

4G Cabinets

Huawei BTS 3900a

A Huawei BTS 3900A Cabinet, arranged in a horizontal stack (side by side) for EE's 1800MHz 2G and 4G. The 3900a cabinet cubes can also be placed ontop of each other.

Alifabs Pogona

An Alifabs Pagona Cabinet for 3's 1800MHz 4G. 

Alifabs Kommodo

An Alifabs Komodo cabinet, which is slightly larger than a Pagona, so as to incorporate 3's 800MHz and 1800MHz equipment.

Cobra Cabinet

The Cobra is Nokia 2G/4G cabinet for EE which houses the 1800MHz 2G/4G equipment and 800MHz 4G.

3G Cabinets

A Fredo Cabinet, used previously for T-Mobile 2G/3G, now EE/3 (MBNL) 3G.

An old Nokia WCDMA cabinet for a 3 3G mast in Aldborough.

Legacy cabinets

Cabinets used mainly for MBNL 3G (EE and 3 shared). Quite commonly seen are the Orange Berkley cabinets.

An Upgrade

A mast before and after upgrade. Previously had a small Alifabs setup, to carry EE services. However, when 3 wanted to add 4G 1800 to it, dual input/band panels were then required, so a larger shroud was required. In this case, a dark coloured one was fitted, to help it blend in to the surroundings. The EE 2G/4G 1800 Huawei BTS3900A cabinet is visible, as is the big white T-Mobile cabinet. There is also an Alifabs Pagona for 3's 1800MHz.