Manx Telecom - Isle of Man Mobile

Manx Telecom is the largest Mobile Network Operator (MNO) on the Isle of Man. They run their network on 800MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz. 4G on 800MHz in a 2x10MHz configuration though they own 2x15MHz; 1800MHz 4G is 2x20MHz. 

3G is run on 900MHz and 2100MHz with 2G on 900MHz. The two 4G bands enables 4G+, or Carrier Aggregation to be used.

All Speedtests on Manx Telecom were done using Vodafone Eurotraveller. However, I do not believe that Vodafone was not throttling the speeds.

Manx Telecom 4G+

Manx Telecom 4G+ (800MHz+1800MHz CA) is available in areas of Douglas, Isle of Man's Capital.

Speedtests on Manx Telecom's 4G+.

Field Test mode showing the Band 3 (1800MHz) and Band 20 (800MHz) used during aggregation.

Manx 1800MHz 4G

Speed test and Field test. The 1800MHz 4G is probably faster than this in most places as this test was done in Douglas, in a relatively busy place.

Manx Telecom 4G 800MHz.

Speed test and Field test. The 2x10MHz of 800MHz, combined with 2x20MHz of 1800MHz provides for quite nice speeds. This test was, once again, done in a high load location.

Manx Telecom's 3G.

3G 900MHz. Center frequency 3043

3G 2100MHz. Center Frequency. 10564 The signal quality would have been adversely affecting the uplink in this case.

Manx Telecom Mast

A dual stack streetworks style mast that was broadcasting Manx Telecom 

4G 1800MHz..


Cabinets next to mast which are Huawei BTS3900A units.

A 'hidden' mast, located near Dhoon Glen, which was broadcasting 3G 2100MHz, 4G 800MHz.


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