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Cellular Microwave Links

Fibre connectivity is not always available or cost effective, for which microwave steps up to the plate with links frequently available of 1gbps+.

A system usually consists of an indoor rack mount unit, so called Indoor Unit (IDU), an outdoor unit (ODU) and an antenna, usually a parabolic dish. The ODU can be mounted directly behind the dish, connected via a short length of coax, or significantly away from the antenna. A single ODU, or pair, can be used in a vairety of different configurations but are usually for the purpose of obtaining increased bandwidths.

Oudoor Units and Antennas

NEC Pasolink Microwaves. High capacity at around 1gbps so frequently used where fibre is not easily available for mast backhaul Large Parabolic Antennas (long range or long wavelength or both)

A closeup of the back of the link. The protruding handle is generally an obvious indicator of NEC Pasolinks.

A dual ODU fed large antenna on the Brighton transmitter.

Another Pasolink. Below is a parabolic antenna with ODU out of shot. On the Corfe Castle Transmitter

Inside a microwave dish. It's much like a satellite dish with the transmit/receive feed horn infront of a back reflector.

A pair of Pasolinks behind the parabolic antenna.


Indoor Unit (IDU)

An Indoor unit for an NEC Pasolink. The coax feed to the ODU is on the left.