Cellular Mast Antenna Panels

A detailed look at the common panels seen on upgraded (4G) Phone masts.

To better understand the port colours and cable tags, check out Antenna Frequency recognition: Cable tags and input tags. I would also recommend looking at the various EE and Vodafone mast links on the front page.


Huawei are a big manufacturer of panels used on cellular masts.

Triple band Huawei ATR4517R1/ATR4518R4 very commonly seen on EE/3 masts as it can carry the two high bands and low band well (800MHz 4G).

This panel, Huawei ATR4518R3, is also triple band, but all three are high band. The left (blue) is high narrow, making it idea for 1800MHz and 2100MHz. The middle is high ultra-wideband with a narrow top range for 2600MHz 4G. The right supports all the high bands: from 1800MHz to 2600MHz. Most commonly seen on EE 2600MHz masts.

This Huawei ATR4518 has two low bands and a high. Seen on a CTIL mast due to their liking of separate 800MHz and 900MHz.

Dual band Panel now: Huawei ADU4518R3. It has a low band and a high band. Used for EE 3G/2G4G 2100/1800 (high) and EE 800 (low)

A single Band Huawei Panel for EE/3 800MHz 4G.



Commscope make the Andrew and Argus Line of antennas

A Commscope Andrew CVV65BSX-M | CVV65BSX-3X2 Triple band panel with two High bands and a low band. Commonly seen on EE/3 masts as it can carry the two high bands and low band well (800MHz 4G). Have seen used on an EE 2600MHz mast.

Commscope Argus CVVPX310R1 which is very similar to the panel on the left apart from a different design. Used by both EE and Vodafone, including Vodafone 2600MHz mast

The Commscope Andrew Dual band CV65ASX-V1-M panel. Often used alongside another panel to provide the full quad band experience on EE (800MHz and 1800/2100 on this panel, 1800/2100 and 2600MHz on the other). 


Kathrein Dual Low band 80010669. Commonly used for Vodafone/O2 800MHz/900MHz setups.

Kathrein 80010665V01. High Ultra band and Low band. Often CTIL. In this case only the low band feeds are cabled. One for 800MHz, one for 900MHz.

The ubiquitous 80010682 kathrein Panel. Used for 3 and EE with its two hi bands (1800 2G 4G, 2100 3G).

The larger panels are kathrein 80010698, which have two low band inputs and a high band. Used for CTIL 800, 900 and 1800/2100 respectively. This mast also has Kathrein Single bands which are for 2100MHz, leaving the high band on the triple for 1800MHz 2G.

Kathrein 742266V02 panels with a low and high. Used for Vodafone and O2 900MHz 2G, 2100MHz 3G.



Somewhat rarer these are. I have only seen them on CTIL masts.












An Amphenol 5963200 panel which is dual dual band eg it is basically two dual band panels side by side. Red and Green for Low band. Blue and White for High narrow. 


Amphenol 6878200 with a Low band, high narrow and high ultra wideband.