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Ancillary mast Equipment

RETs, MHAs and RRUs

RETs (Remote Electrical Tilt) used to Adjust the vertical of the antennas within the panel to focus the transmitting area. MHAs (Mast Head Amp) Used to amplify signals to increase the sensitivity of the mast to mobile signals. RRUs (Remote Radio Head) used as 4G radios on tall masts to reduce the need for long length of coax cable

RETs at the bottom of Kathrein Antenna panels on a mast carrying 2G/3G 900MHz and 4G 800MHz.

Two mast head amps. Thick cables in, thinner out because there will be little loss over two feet of cable.








RRUs on a Vodafone and O2 mast. The RRU is doing 800MHz 4G.

A BIAS-T which feeds the RET from the Antenna Cable.

EE 2600MHz RRUs complete with a BOB (Fibre Splitter)